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Collegiate Divers

This is a list of Windy City Divers who have gone onto college and competed for their respective college or university.

Many of these divers received athletic scholarships to compete at the collegiate level.


Christopher Canning – University of Michigan

Kallie Higgins – Indiana University

Coy Jones – Indian River CC

Emma Ruchala – University of Utah

Maxim Royzen – University of Minnesota

Jake Royer – Denver University

Seamus Scotty – Indiana University

Claire VanDame – UIC


Alex Streightiff – University of Iowa

John-Michael Diveris – University of Pennsylvania

Sydney Dusel – University of Virginia

Carolyn Dietz – IUPUI

Lizzie Johns – Lake Forest College


Joey Cifelli – Purdue University

Anna Girlich – University of Chicago

Kimmy Vitek – Cornell University

Sophia Heiser – University of Pennsylvania


Dean Boures – University of Chicago

Rachel Criscione  – University of Illinois at Chicago

Michael Klemm – University of Wisconsin – Green Bay

Andrew Marsh – University of Iowa
Tyler Pastore  -University of Illiois at Chicago
Mateus Obstoj – Lake Forest College
Alexis Skiniotes – Missouri State University

Ben Lewis – Dennison University
Mark Ciesielski – University of Illinois at Chicago
Liam McLaughlin – Denver University

George Doran – Harvard University
Sage Stephens – Eastern Michigan University
Courtney Lagestee  -St. Louis University

Kerrin Seymour – Stanford University

Ian McNair – Illinois Institue of Technology
Matt Steifel – Western Illinois Univeristy
Maureen Doyle – Illinois State University

Brittany Tazzioli – Illinois State University
Luke Knezevic – Wooster College
Matt McCahill – University of Arizona

Alex Pawlus – Univeristy of Illinois at Chicago
Laurel Heath – Univeristy of Illinois at Chicago
Justine Anders – Iowa State University
John Mueller – Southern Illinois Uiversity
Mallory Mullady – University of Pittsburg

Amy Bromberg – Ohio University
Amy Korthauer – Indiana University
Tyler Jepsen – Universty of Minnesota

Andy Bonesz – Illinois Institute of Technology
Kately Prorok – University of California-Berkley
Kevin Haberman – Denver University
Samantha Greenwood – William and Mary
Steve Krueger – Western Kentucky University

Abbey Bernardo – Univeristy of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana
Christina Loukas – Indiana University
Lauren Halleyburton – Purdue University
Jeff Lichtenstein – Yale University
Justin Montrie – University of Kentucky/ Indiana University
Samantha Papadakis – Harvard University
Shane Costello – Lincoln College

Emily Hirt – Illinois State Univeristy
Holly Fujii – Winona State/Western Kentucky University
Jen Hatzold – University of Illinois, Chamaign/Urbana
Lauren Sher – Western Illinois Unversity
Melissa Holbach – Akron University

Harry Kim – Boston University

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